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Laser Trigger LV5

Cactus LV5 is a laser trigger that enables high speed photography and wildlife camera traps. Whether you are interested in capturing beautiful water droplets, facial expressions of athletes at the finish line from multiple angles or wildlife movements caught in the act, the LV5 Laser Trigger can create unforgettable images with ease.

Laser and Radio Trigger: With over a year of research and development, Cactus created a device that is unique in the market: it combined laser and radio frequency technology in one compact package. Aside from a light stand, tripod and shutter release cable for your camera, the LV5 is all you need to capture that specific event. Weighing just over 300 grams and requiring only four (4) AAA batteries to power both the LV5 Emitter and Sensor, it is possibly the most versatile laser trigger to date.

Cactus V5, V6 and RF60 Compatible: The LV5 is a Class 1 laser device that triggers your camera’s shutter either by direct wired connection or wirelessly via the embedded Cactus RF module. Since the LV5 runs on the same channels as the V5, V6 and RF60, it can also trigger flash units with V5 and V6 transceivers or an RF60 directly, which is very convenient for high-speed photography.

Trap & Escape: Trap Mode and Escape Mode are the two triggering modes of the LV5. Just like their names imply: Trap Mode captures an image when the laser is broken by an object while Escape Mode is triggered when an object leaves the laser and signal is detected by the Sensor. The camera can take a single shot or multiple shots as desired.

Delay & Freeze Timers: Another unique feature of LV5 is the ability to customize Delay and Freeze periods. This gives precise control over the exact time the camera releases the shutter after detecting an event. There are 15 selectable time delays. The Delay period can be set from 1ms to 400ms while the Freeze period is from 20ms to 4 seconds.

Main features of the LV5:

  • Duo Mode Triggering (DMT). Cactus LV5 can be triggered by:
    (1) blocking laser transmission between the laser Emitter and Sensor or
    (2) removing an object between the laser Emitter and Sensor.
  • Works wirelessly with Cactus V5, V6 and subsequent V5-compatible models. Cactus LV5 combines laser and radio frequency (RF) technology in a single device. With a built-in Cactus V5 transceiver module in the Sensor, LV5 allows you to take instant camera photos with unlimited portable flashes, wirelessly!
  • Long working distance. The working distance between the laser Emitter and the Sensor is up to 150 meters.
  • Works under sunlight. The LV5 not only works under ambient light, its intelligent design also allows it to work under sunlight.
  • Supports single and continuous shots and bulb shot. The LV5 offers endless possibilities for your creative works.
  • Shutter Delay and Freeze: Shutter delay and freeze periods are adjustable in 15 divisions.

It doesn’t matter if you are a wildlife photographer, an amateur or a professional who shoots in the studio, the LV5 is your best companion when accuracy and timing are vital to the shutter release. LV5 captures that instinctive action or freezes the split-second of amusement. Get yours today and liberate your ideas!

Like Cactus V5, each Cactus LV5 unit is manufactured using RoHS compliant electronic components and parts. For more details, read the Cactus V5's RoHS Statement.

  • Cactus Laser Trigger LV5
  • Working radio frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Number of radio channels: 16
  • Selectable laser frequencies:
    • 500Hz
    • 1KHz
  • Supported sync speed: Up to 1/1000s (subject to the camera’s sync speed limitation)
  • Effective distance between Emitter and Sensor:
    • 150m in dark environment
    • 20m under strong and direct sunlight
  • RF effective distance: 0.3m to 100m
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
  • Camera voltage handling: 0V to 6V
  • Power input: Operates with 4 or 8 AAA 1.5V batteries in Emitter and Sensor
  • Battery consumption (2 AAA / 4 AAA batteries):
    • Emitter: 40 hrs / 80 hrs
    • Sensor: Standby 90hrs / 180hrs, Trap operation: 85hrs / 175hrs, Escape operation: 60hrs / 125hrs
  • Angle lock tilt: 20° down to 65° up
  • Shutter release port: 3.5mm
  • Dimensions:
    • Emitter: 92mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 93mm (H)
    • Sensor: 153mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 93mm (H) (including hood)
  • Weight:
    • Emitter: 135g
    • Sensor: 175g (including hood)

  • LV5 Emitter x1
  • LV5 Sensor x1
  • LV5 Hood x1
  • Delay/Freeze Sticker x2
  • Poster x1
  • 3.5mm Plug Cable (CA-350) x1
  • PC Sync Cable (CA-100) x1
  • AAA Battery x4
  • English User Manual x1